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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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gunfire and explosions rattled the neighborhood, forces parents to huddle his frightened children close. he described for me the chaos. >> bombs around the 25 to 30 minutes. no stop. no stop. you feel like you don't know what's going on. >> reporter: it was declared over some seven hours later with two suspected terrorists dead, including a woman who blew herself up. at least eight were arrested in the raid and nearby we spotted other men being detained by plainclothes french part. part of an aggressive police tactic to root out suspected terrorists. president hollande told the french they should get used to more scenes line this and yet he told them, look, get back to normal. get back to the cafe, live, live, this is part of the normal scene, however. at plaza de la republique. but this morning's events
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the war on terror is right here. david ushery, back the you. >> all right. meantime, members of the california rock band on stage that packed that paris nightclub, where dozens are killed, are still trying to cope with the terms of what happened. in a statement on their facebook page the eagles of death metal said they were horrified and although bonded in grief with the fans, the citizens of paris and all of those affected by terrorism, we are proud to stand now united by a common goal of love and compassion. 89 people were killed including one of the band's merchandise vendors. i want to bring in jonathan dienst now. today, the target of the raid mind of the plot, but the reporting up to now has been that he was in syria with other isis leaders. >> that was the belief until french authorities came up with some information suggesting he may have returned to france to help carry out these attacks.
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they can't say if he was inside that apartment with two bodies still unidentified. blown apart from suicide bomb explosion. french authorities believe this was the fourth terror cell and it was ready to act. friday's attacks in paris were three sets of three. more than 5,000 rounds of ammo fired in the standoff because of the explosions again, police having a tough time identifying the two dead. although one is believed to be the female cousin of the alleged ringleader. unclear who that other man is. that alleged ringleader, abdelhamid abaaoud was first believed to be in syria fighting with isis terrorists and again, the concern he's now inside france orchestrating these attacks. and whether again the question was he inside these apartments? also still on the loose, the so called eighth terrorist, salah abdeslam, and perhaps a ninth shooter. abdelslam was questioned in the past year, but he was not
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now the manhunt is continuing for him. two of the dead bombers remain unidentified. five others have been i.d.'d. more than a hundred raids of known extremists have been raised. the homes have been raided across france. dozens of rifles and guns 600 houses searched since friday's attack. this represents or shows the enormity of the extremist problem inside france. meanwhile, isis today put out videos again. threatening more attacks in france as well as inside the u.s. yesterday, they singled out washington, d.c. today, chuck, a mention of times square. new york officials stress no specific new credible threat. we have seen them talking about the aspiration to strike in new york in the past. this just the latest video today. >> all right. we'll talk more about our security right now.
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we are keeping a close contact with all off our police sources so you know what's being done here to protect you. tonight we're focusing on mass transit. news4's andrew siff has details released today. >> reporter: certainly new yorkers and commuters have noticed enhanced security before and they have noticed it over the last couple of days. what makes this somewhat different is the combination of different law enforcement agencies kri which creates a layering etfect. you will see a similar presence at penn station and what's inside is a very visible presence. for five consecutive days, new yorkers have seen it. >> there was guys up there with swat rifles. >> reporter: and national guard, state troopers and the nypd. all forming an extra layer of security at key transit hubs like grand central terminal.
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>> there have been no specific threats to our system related to the attacks. but we have nonetheless significantly stepped up our security efforts. >> reporter: mta chairman tom pendergrass said that the extra security isn't based on a new terror threat. but proven intelligence that rail systems are at risk. >> is there any sort of tactical change based on what you saw unfold in paris? >> no. i believe what we constantly remind somebody, there's a lot in those two words. if you see something, say something. >> reporter: subway riders saw this today. nypd officers standing watch near some turnstiles. >> definitely more cops at the particular station by the world trade area. >> reporter: how long the extra force remains usually with officers on 12-hour shifts remains to be seen. but the sight of cops in helmets
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>> heavily armed an ready. >> reporter: but some we spoke with point out they have been used to the high alert posture, not just for a week, but for more than 14 years. >> since 9/11 yes, we're a target. it is appreciated whenever people feel like it's necessary or not. >> reporter: as we're live outside grand central, we're told that the ridership and employees should stay vigilant. to stay calm, but to report anything they see to the transit authority or to the police. live outside the grand even central, andrew siff. in washington, the house votes to plan on legislation that would step up the screaming requirements for syrian and iraqi refugees. >> our first priority is to protect the american people. >> the bill would require the heads of the fbi and homeland security department and the director of national intelligence to certify that any refugee admitted into the united
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states will not pose a terror democrats say the republicans' real intent is to shut down the resettlement program entirely. with the debate raging over the risk that there may a terrorist hidden among them, 4 investigates looked at those arriving from syria, where they have settled. and during the fiscal years of refugees have moved into the tri-state area. mostly in new york. very few of the refugees came from syria. syrians, just eight of them during that period. fiscal year, 2015, the number of syrian refugees has grown substantially with new jersey receiving 73. 41 settled in new york. and 30 went to connecticut. coming up at 6:00, we'll speak one-on-one with a syrian refugee living in new jersey,
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about the program that brought her here and can bring dangerous militants into the eyes united states. that's at 6:00. go to our website, learn about the victims and read firsthand stories of those in the attacks. we're getting a look at the homemade bomb that isis claims to have used to bring down the russian airliner. the extremist group published this in their propaganda magazine. it shows an ied made out of a soda can. this comes one day after russia revealed that it found traces of explosives in the wreckage of the jet that crashed last month, killing all 224 people on board. news4 has not verified that photo. well, new at 5:00, a rescue in midtown. two workers trapped on the scaffold. we have more details from brynn gingras. >> reporter: right now, they're inside the building, which is good news after being stuck on the exterior scaffolding.
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take a look at this video, it shows actually after fdny rescued them, they cut a hole into the double pane windows to rescue them. the electric motor which moves the scaffolding up and down, it malfunctioned. that's how they got stuck around 2:30 this afternoon. they weren't dangling or in any serious danger. just stuck there for about an hour as i said. the fdny said when they got to the workers they were calm and were happy to go inside. but people were looking up, holding their breath. hoping that everything would go smoothly. >> thank god the scaffolding was like even, it didn't tilt to the side. so they weren't like in that much danger. >> reporter: and we're giving you a live look right now at 38th street because the parts near fifth avenue is shut down to traffic. so try to avoid this area. that's because the workers are up there now repairing the glass. wanting to make sure that nothing topples down on to people down here below.
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i'm live here in midtown. brynn gingras. a high speed chase, a suspect jumps out of his car and runs and all ends with a police officer firing his gun that's the wild scene in brooklyn. and we have more details. >> reporter: this all started because police said they were trying to stop the driver speeding behind us and here we are, five hours later. this intersection still blocked off. traffic being diverted. because investigators are still gathering information. yellow police tape blocks empire and brooklyn avenue where the driver of the white mustang crashed into the truck. >> i heard this smash and i hear the police saying stop, stop. and he went down the block. >> reporter: it all started around noon a few blocks away. uniformed nypd officer spotted the driver of the mustang
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speeding down empire boulevard. >> he deploys his lights and sirens and then the vehicle takes off on the officer and proceeds a few blocks from empire and brooklyn. >> reporter: that's when the driver got out and led police on the short chase. nypd says he was holding this gun. lost his footing and he dropped it near montgomery and kingston. the officer commanded him not to pick it up. >> the individual does not heed the warnings, attempts to grab the gun. our officer discharges his firearm twice, striking the individual. one time in the lower abdomen. >> reporter: police say the suspect who is in his 20s is no stranger to the law with previous gun arrests. as this investigation continues the nypd is praising how the officer handled the situation. >> he was solo. he gave warnings. these warnings were heard by witnesses. he did a great job.
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reviewing video footage from inside of this bus. it was traveling near that intersection at the time of the accident. earlier they're reviewing that footage to see what was on it. as for the suspect, i spoke with the nypd, and they tell me he's listed in stable condition at the hospital. and yes, he will be charged but right now there's no specific information on what the charges might be. we are live in crown heights tonight. sheldon dutes, news4 new york. >> thank you. still much more ahead on news4 new york at 5:00. >> a westchester firefighter was brutally murdered, and police say they know who did it. i'm in pleasantville with more on who that is and the new push to put them behind bars. damage in new jersey by a drone. how this all went down and why the fbi is taking this case on. janice is here. >> well, the clouds took over quickly from what started out to be a nice sunny day. now we're tracking the rain. and it's going to be a mess around here in about 24 hours.
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i'll have the details coming up next. all right. listen to this. uber car and a flu shot? no, really. the unique deliveries being offered in some neighborhoods
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a drone crashed outside the phillips 66 refinery in linden today. >> they're still trying to figure out who operated the drone and for what purpose. brian thompson has new information from linden. >> reporter: whoever operated the drone that flew over the bayway refinery is long gone. even picking up most of the pieces of the craft after it landed on a passing truck. now, experience drone operator john jacobson of drone service systems while showing the various types of drones said lawmen are right to be suspicious. >> this may have been a scouting venture. >> reporter:'s that police have to worry about? >> i think we all have to worry about it. >> reporter: in fact, we are told that the fbi is investigating here. noncommercial drones are barely regulated by the faa, the only restrictions are no higher than 5500 feet. and says jacobson -- >> i think people are more
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dangerous than the drones they fly. because you have a lot of irresponsible people who think that they can fly anywhere they want. >> reporter: and in fact, state police and even the attorney general are worried. >> people with nefarious motives can use the devices for those motives. >> it's like a big bird and hard to track big birds in the sky. >> reporter: what happened here isn't isolated. 4 investigates have found since july 1, pilots have reported 16 drone intrusions into the air space here in new jersey. in new york, mostly near laguardia and jfk the number soars to 36 in one month. >> it takes a long time for us to change our laws and regulations and adapt to new technologies. >> reporter: linden police did tell me this. in light of what did happen in paris last week, they have upped their security at all targets here.
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and most especially at the bayway refinery. in linden, brian thompson, news4 new york. well, police are working to solve a mystery in brooklyn after a fatal shooting in boren hill. they found a man believed to be in his 30s unconscious with a gunshot wound to his back. he was pronounced dead at the scene. so far, police have not released the name of the victim and there is no word on any possible suspects. starting a so called fight club at a new jersey day care won't have their charges dis -- dismissed. the two wanted permission to enter a probationary program but it was denied. they're hoping to work out a plea deal with prosecutors. they're accused of encouraging kidding to fight in cranford in august. well, you still need your flu shot, just summon uber.
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request flu shots. a nurse will show up at a your home or your workplace in an uber for a charge of ten bucks. the service was launched last year in new york, boston, washington. it was so successful it will now be provided in three dozen cities. >> doesn't sound too bad at all. to a couple of criminals in virginia with a conscience. they jumped into a car only to discover an 8-year-old boy was in the back seat. they asked him where he went to school and they dropped him off. he even went to class as if nothing happened while his mother and police frantically searched for him. the car was later found abandoned not far from the school. frightening for the parents, i guess. what's -- >> the kid was okay. turned out all right. >> well, let's look at the weather now. rain on the way. >> a lot of rain on the way. we have been tracking this storm
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the clouds are here, not the rain so much. now it's clouded over and we might see drizzle developing overnight. the winds are coming on shore, but the solid soaking, the heavy rain is coming tomorrow afternoon and evening. and tomorrow night into later part -- the latter part of the night, quite a bit of rain is coming. temperatures are very mild, look at 50s across long island right now. the city is at 57. so is morristown and bridge water. 55 in poughkeepsie. there are the on shore winds that helped to warm us up a bit. because they're moving in off the water we may see drizzle forming in spots. don't expect the heavy rain, that's until later tomorrow. the other clouds are here in advance of the cold front. here's the front. and the showers right now in our region, just to our west from cleveland down into the mountains of tennessee and even
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thunderstorms, severe weather, tornado watch in effect for columbus, georgia. tallahassee. so they're getting the worse of it down there. but we're expecting a pretty good soaking around here too. a few light showers expected in the area. drizzle, not enough to use an umbrella. we go through the overnight. that's all we'll see. the them temperatures jump up. we're in the mid 60s tomorrow morning at 9:00. then the heavier showers will show up around 5:00 and 11:00. quite a bit of rain with the storms especially along the coastline. maybe two inches, maybe upwards of 2 1/2 inches possible in isolated spots. get ready for the dousing tomorrow. 64 is the high. back to the 50s on friday. breezy, cooler, clear on saturday with a few showers on sunday. that's your weather and back to you. >> i'll remind you of the umbrella. >> thank you. appreciate that. still ahead, a family business with a personal goal. >> a long island mothers wants to know those with autism make
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great employees. their story is coming up next. coming up at 6:00, news4 investigates the syrian refugee controversy in new jersey. you have heard governor chris's the stance. hear from a syrian immigrant
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long island mother is on the change to way that those with autism is changed in the workplace. >> michael george shows us how she's running her own business with her son and daughter and turning a profit is hardly the top priority. >> reporter: single mom stacy wall is changing perceptions about people with autism, one bag of coffee at a time. >> we have to put some labels together. >> reporter: her business, our coffee with a cause, gives those jobs with disabilities. her star employees are her two children. >> children on the spectrum have
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less opportunities for that. >> reporter: 16-year-old logan does the deliveries and labelling. >> put this in the box. >> reporter: 18-year-old brittany goes to trade shows. she uses an ipad to communicate with customers. >> what's your name? >> reporter: stacy employs five people in her coffee for sale in her long island stores. but she wants to give more opportunities. >> i started this so they have something and kids like them have something. that's a place for them to go. no matter how disabled they are, there's a job for them. >> reporter: her real goal is to show corporate america what they can do. >> well if that single mother can do this, and she can hire disabled people, why can't we hire disabled people? then it becomes a movement. >> reporter: in north port, michael george, news4 new york.
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>> wonderful story. >> natalie has a look at what's coming up. >> and is new reward enough? why police say there's no doubt in their minds who's responsible. plus this -- >> with the holidays fast approaching, many can't help but think about security. i'm marc santia with how you're being protected in places where you think you're not seeing police. baffled? busted? broken? better get ba quer row. >> my tips for winterizing the home and saving you money.
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comfort keepers can provide a variety of in-home services for your aging loved ones. we'll assess their needs and create a custom care plan that can change as their needs
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